Male Pattern Baldness

Male Pattern Baldness can be a distressing genetic disorder, where the hair on the top and crown area of the head thins considerably to even total baldness.

Finding a solution to this type of hair loss is now much easier and extremely effective. From the early stages of thinning through to the final stages of loss, male or female, there is no need to feel ashamed of having Male pattern baldness.

Andrea’s Hairoom offers the most amazing solutions…

Each month, people from all walks of life come to us looking for help and support. All too often i hear that it is ok for a man to shave off his hair to camouflage the balding area on top! This may be the case for some men, but it is certainly not the answer for everyone who is suffering from hair loss. You can book a private consultation where we can discuss and agree the course of action that suits you best.

My aim is to meet the individual needs of each client by considering several factors which may include lifestyle, occupation and by listening to what it is you are wanting to achieve with your hair. I can offer advice, experience, specific products, and a range of services which include Toupees, Hair systems and full wigs. I have also been trained and qualified in both Cyber hair and Vital Hair specialist custom made hair systems.

Cyber hair has different features with some of those being:

  • Colour Fast – Has great colour stability with only 2% colour fade in a year.
  • Lightweight – lighter than human hair.
  • High Moisture content – Cyber hair always feels soft and looks healthy.
  • Durable – Twice as strong as human hair and has the capability to withstand more stress.
  • Memory – will retain its style when washed.

Due to these unique features you can be as active as you want including sports, swimming, using the sauna and hot showers.

Along with the Cyber Hair the Vital Hair also known as V- Hair was launched in 2014 and because of the unique way V-hair is constructed it is more functional but mixed with the features of human hair.

V-Hair has different features with some of those being:

  • Flexible – Available in two textures which can be used separately or together enabling you to match your own hair texture.
  • Durable – Stronger than human hair.
  • Heat Resistant – can be restyled as many times as you like.
  • Colour fast – Has great colour stability with only 2% colour fade in a year.

I will work with you offering you advice and guidance with the aim of you being able to make an informed decision as to choose a solution that works for you and whether you would like us to maintain the system and your haircuts over an agreed timescale or you would like to do this yourself.

To completement these services we also have modern solutions and systems which are made from human and synthetic hair with an option of heat resistant synthetic hair all with a range of colours, hair lengths, and styles which are customisable.

It maybe you are not happy with what you have tried so far, or perhaps not considered hair replacement. So much can be done to give you the security, confidence, and peace of mind you need.

Designing and producing a hair replacement solution takes skill and artistry, it must blend effectively into your existing hair, becoming undetectable to sight and touch.

For both men and women experiencing male pattern baldness, custom made units are our prestige service. The hairline, receding temple areas, crown and top, custom made units allow you to decide where you want hair added and how thick you want your hair to be.

Remember the only thing that needs to remain awful about Male Pattern Baldness…is the name.

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