What is Trichotillomania?

Trichotillomania is a complex obsessive compulsive disorder which affects around 2% of the populations. The majority of those effected are women but the disorder does also occur in men.

People who suffer from Trichotillomania are compelled to pull out their own hair. This could mean the hair on the head, but may also include hair on the face (eyebrows and eyelashes, and beards or mustaches for men), body hair or pubic hair.

People with the disorder often have strong urges to pull their hair out, but many people may not realise they are doing it. Pulling can often be triggered by stress, tiredness or boredom. On some occassions the sufferers are also compelled to eat the hair which has been pulled out. This can cause digestive problems and may result in dangerous hairballs.

The symptoms of trichotillomania can lead to patchy areas on the scalp, as well as numerous psychological problems.

Break the habit of hair pulling with Hairoom

Trichotillomania can vary from being unnoticable and hidden in some poeple, to a cause of complete baldness in others. Many people in the world do not know what Trichotillomania is, which means that sufferers may find it very difficult to get help and treatment for the condition.

Through years of experience working with sufferers of this O.C.D, Andreas Hairoom offers solutions to break the cycle and help sufferers to become pull free.

If you are a UK Trichotillomania sufferer, call us now on 0113 318 5593 to arrange a free, professional consultation. Take the first step towards having controll over your hair.

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