Human Hair Wigs for Children

Human Hair Wigs for Childrenwith Cancer or Alopecia

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We often overlook the fact that hair loss can and does attack children. It may be due to Chemo/Radiotherapy, Alopecia or other medical conditions, it can even be stress related, perhaps as the result of a parental break up. Here at Hairoom we have experienced all of these conditions and situations but one thing is for sure… when it’s a child, the challenges are then far greater.

Imagine the emotional stress your child faces in dealing with other children who are perhaps too young and too cruel to understand and as a parent, you naturally worry how your child will cope, mixing with other children, both at home and at school, with participating in sports or just running round the playground.Your child may be too young to understand what is happening to them and may, or may not feel unwell… but hair loss is the thing they physically see and feel, so it’s important to find a solution to the problem as soon as possible.

Often called upon by the specialist hospitals, Hairoom Divisional Manager Andrea Holden and her team are part of a small number of people in the country who have the range of products, experience, training and expertise needed to meet the specific requirements of children and teenagers.

We will guide you through the options available, explaining in detail what can and cannot be achieved, relative to your Childs’ diagnosed condition and help you to decide on a practical and realistic plan of action to stop or gradually reverse the visible hair loss. We can even help in such a way that no one, not even your close family members need ever see the effects of ongoing hair loss. We can duplicate your Childs’ hair in colour, texture and style and replace it with a Childrens wigs… a seamless, undetectable transition!

Where the loss is due to a medical condition and treatment has already started we can still often help. It may be you’re not happy with whatever steps have been taken so far and perhaps you’ve not considered or tried hair replacement. So much can be done to restore your Childs security and confidence and giving you as a parent, more peace of mind… just come and talk to us.

It may be your child doesn’t lose their hair, if so, our promise to you is that any of our hair replacement products not used can be returned and we will refund in full.

HAIROOM offers professional hair loss support





HAIROOM offers professional hair loss support


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