Hair Extensions are a sought after solution for people wanting Longer Hair, Thicker Hair more Glamorous hair.

There are various types of Hair Extensions but basically they fall into two categories, Human Hair Extensions and Fibre Hair Extensions. There are different characteristics, for example Straight, Curly or Wavy Hair Extensions which can then be matched to your own hair and styled just about any way you wish. But the main differences are how they’re attached.


Individually Bonded Hair Extensions are applied using small glued bonds to fasten the extension hair close to the roots of your own hair. Depending on thetype, condition and strength of your own hair and how fast it grows these can go up to 3-4 months before they are removed and re-applied closer to the root.

Wefted Hair Extensions are long sections of hair looking very similar to a grass skirt!They are carefully measured and applied to your own hair, using specialist hair glues however these tend to lift after a few weeks so they should be viewed as a more temporary measure for adding volume to your hair, most certainly they need to be removed and re applied on a regular basis.

At HAIROOM we aim to help people who are suffering the effects of hair loss and so it goes against the grain for us to cause it! This is why we offer Hair Extensions that are easily applied and removed without the use of glues and adhesives, they’re much kinder to your natural hair than any of the bonded methods.

No matter which Hair Extensions method you choose, we encourage you to view them as being for special occasions or only a short-term solution to any hair problems you may have. If you’re planning to use hair extensions on a more permanent basis, we strongly recommend you seek help and advice and have periods where you leave the extensions out to rest your natural hair. Long term use of hair extensions can often lead to significant hair loss problems, the biggest of which is Traction Alopecia, this is caused by the constant pulling of tight or heavy hair extensions and can result in permanent damage/loss to your natural hair.

Our Extensions are fantastic for Special Occasions, for Prom Hair and Wedding Hair, great for holidays or  just as a change. Whatever your reason we offer free consultations, information and advice.

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