Jans Story

Jan’s Story

The road that led me to the door of Andrea’s Hairoom was like that of any other client, it was a time of need.

If we rewind time to January 2015, my then 14 almost 15 year old daughter had been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma,a rare type of primary bone cancer that is mostly prevalent in young people.

What began with a lump on her knee became a battle for her life. Chemotherapy followed by massive surgery that replaced her femur and knee joint with a titanium implant thankfully saved her leg more chemotherapy and countless other treatments saved her life.

What concerned Emilia more than anything else at the time was the loss of her hair, even to the point of her not wanting treatment, she was distraught

Our wonderful Macmillan nurse told us of a charity called the Little Princess Trust who supply human hair wigs free of charge to young people living with hair loss .

An appointment was made for us to meet the wig fitter a lady called Andrea Long of Andrea’s Hairoom, to be honest I didn’t know what to expect …

From our first meeting with Andrea I can honestly say she enveloped my girl with her love, empathy and professionalism, she made her feel like the princess she is.


I can now in hindsight say this appointment saved my daughter as much as the treatment, she was able to look in a mirror and see herself again, because whatever she was going through she was still Emilia.

Emilia eventually finished her treatment and began on the long road to recovery, during that time we kept in touch with Andrea, she came to hospital to see us, bringing more gorgeous new hair, going out of her way to help as she does with all her clients.

Fast forward to 2017, I was looking for a new job, I put a shout out on Facebook and received a message from Andrea asking me to come in for a chat

I started work on June 5th and after a few weeks felt like I had never worked anywhere else

The experiences I shared with my daughter gave me a unique perspective in talking to other clients and parents of children who have found themselves in similar circumstances.

Working at the Hairoom, talking to clients, hearing their stories, being part of their journeys is such a privilege

Whether our clients are 3 or 93 their hair is so important to them, it’s their identity, their crowning glory and so much more.

Andrea is an earth angel, confidante, a friend, and cheerleader. She changes lives, she changed ours.



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