Cancer and Alopecia

Patients facing Chemo/Radiotherapy, or any other medication tend to want one simple thing, for life to remain as normal as possible and keep up appearances throughout their treatment.

Being prepared before you start losing hair can often be of huge comfort and is proven to be of therapeutic benefit. Knowing you are a step ahead; you can focus more and concentrate your efforts into getting better. I may be able help in such a way that it will be difficult to see the effects these treatments have on your hair.


Hair loss is one of the most well-known side effects of cancer treatment. Cancer drugs may cause mild thinning of your hair, partial hair loss or hair loss in patches, complete hair loss (Alopecia) and sometimes no hair loss at all. It’s for this reason that I would advise you to call and book a, private consultation where I can assess the extent of your loss and discuss and agree the course of action that suits you best.


HAIROOM offers professional hair loss support

Even if you have already started treatment i can still often help. It maybe you have not tried hair replacement or not happy with what you have tried so far, just as treatments are improving and developing, so too are the significant technological advances with wigs and hairpieces. My aim is to help and guide you through a selection from the best manufacturers of readymade wigs and hairpieces, in both Synthetic & Human hair, including the latest heat resistant fibre which you can blow dry.

The onset of Alopecia in whichever form can be stressful and very worrying and people often wonder how they’re going to carry on with their normal routine, like socialising, going to the gym, swimming or simply relaxing on a hard earned holiday…those people tend to want one simple thing…for life to remain as normal as possible and maintain their appearance, as it was prior to hair loss. Alopecia can take on various forms and some of those may be visible hairloss, evidence of patchy areas, very thin to balding on the crown area and the area of the temples can also be affected. Which ever form it takes the condition can really affect the individual, I will guide you through the options available, explaining in detail what can and cannot be achieved, relative to your hair loss situation.

Please get in touch to book an appointment and come and talk to me.

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