Andreas Story

Andreas Story

It all started for me when a young family member lost their hair to alopecia at just 4 years old. When the family went to visit the local NHS referred wig shop in Blackpool, I used to go with them, but at the time there was not a great deal of choice. The wigs tended to be adult women’s wigs with far too much hair in and these did not fit a child’s head. In actual fact it looked very much like a women’s wig on a child!

I used to do everything I could to find ideas and ways of which to make things look more modern and there started my desire and need to work with wigs. A wig shop in Blackpool was where I could envisage myself working, but still being at high school I started to ask If I could go there on work experience or be a Saturday girl. Upon leaving school I initially went into a different industry until the owner of the wig shop contacted me and asked me if I would still be interested in possibly working there. I went for an interview on the Friday and started working on the following Monday after leaving my job and never looked back. I was then trained by a Lady who herself had been in the business for many many years. I stayed working at the wig shop for many years and became the manger, there were quite a few staff and because of the growth the wig shop extended to offer a beauty salon as well which was a great experience. As time progressed the owner made the decision to retire and the business was ready to be sold. I continued to work at the wig shop under the new owners which unfortunately was a wig manufacturer, having a wig shop owned by a wig manufacturer means that the owners only want to sell their own brand of wigs!

This was not what the shop in Blackpool was known for, we were known for doing something for everybody. I stayed working for the company as a manager for a further three years after they had taken over the business until I met my husband and that is where everything changed. I packed my things; I left Blackpool and began my new life in Yorkshire, with the many years of the training under my belt and the lady in Blackpool imparting her knowledge onto me, my passion for helping people and love for what I do I started my business where I am today – Andreas Hairoom.

I am passionate about what I do and to help people to understand a little about me and my business I need to share a few things with you. Shortly after moving over to Yorkshire to start my new life my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer which was a huge shock and difficult to deal with having moved away. My Dad went through his treatment and responded really well to the treatment he received. However, towards the end of my Dads treatment my Mum was noticing symptoms of feeling unwell and unfortunately was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer! So, having moved away from my hometown and my parents it was exceedingly difficult starting up a brand-new business while commuting back and forth to see them. My Mum received treatment for her cancer over a twelve-month period from first diagnosis but sadly passed away very quickly after this. These were incredibly hard and difficult times but setting up the business and striving to build my business to the best it could be was what initially kept me going and what my mum would have wanted me to do! My mum had a love for butterflies, and this became the basis for my logo and wherever you see

Andreas Hairoom there will be butterflies for my mum.


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