Alopecia (The medical term for hair loss)

Alopecia in Women

 Alopecia can be broken down into different categories or types of loss and you may find some basic understanding helpful. Your hair loss may be localised or diffuse, you may notice hair sheddingpoor hair quality, hair thinning or bald areas and in some cases there may be evidence of scalp disease or scarring.

Androgenetic Alopecia Probably the most common Alopecia is Androgenetic Alopecia, currently better known as Male/Female Pattern Baldness but medical practitioners are beginning to differentiate between the two by referring to the female form as Androgenetic Alopecia. To differing degrees Androgenetic Alopecia is common in women, by 50 years of age around 40% show signs of hair loss and by 80 less than 45% will have a full head of hair.

Female Androgenetic Alopecia is characterised by diffuse thinning of hair on the scalp and is visibly different to male pattern baldness which usually begins with a receding hairline or thinning crown and progresses in many cases to the classic bald area from front to top and crown of the head. It’s very uncommon for women to go bald in the same way as men but some women may experience thinning at the front hairline as they age.Come and talk to us and let us help you.HAIROOM provides professional female hair loss supportAt Hairoom all of these things can be talked about and first class advice given from years of training, experience and feedback.

We will guide you through the four major options available, explaining in detail what can and cannot be achieved, relative to your diagnosed condition.
We will help you to decide on a practical and realistic plan of action to slow down, stop or gradually reverse your visible hair loss through treatments and/or hair replacement procedures. We can even help in such a way that no one, not even your children or other close family members need ever see the effects of ongoing hair loss.

We can duplicate your own hair in colour texture and style and replace it; a seamless, undetectable transition! You may want a new look…we can even create that for you.

Even if you’ve already started treatment we can still often help. It may be you’re not happy with whatever steps you have taken so far and perhaps you’ve not considered or tried hair replacement. So much can be done to give you the security, confidence and peace of mind you’re looking for…

Just come and talk to us.

HAIROOM offers professional hair loss support


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