Testimonial 5

I am 23 year old graduate that recovered from cancer, and as part of my treatment I suffered hair loss at the back of my head on just one side. If you can only imagine I was at a very low point in my life, having just recovered from cancer and then suffering from hair loss. At this point, I was unaware if this hair loss was permanent or temporary, however you can understand I feared for the worst.

Having researched on the internet and called around various places to help me, I was recommended to see Andrea Holden by St James Hospital. At this point I was doubtful if anyone could help me, but fortunately Andrea was very professional and telling the various options that she could do with my hair. It was unbelievable having once thought that I would never be able to find a solution for my hair loss, and here I was discussing the various options available.

Having a solution my hair loss problem, Andrea gave me the confidence to be able to go out with my friends, go to play football, and all the things that I held back doing because of my hair loss. Thanks to Andrea I continued my everyday life like normal, and for anyone suffering from hair loss, the feeling of normality is invaluable.

Andrea gave her undivided attention, remaining professional whilst making me feel comfortable. We built a relationship whereby she offered to be a point of call should there be any future problems with my hair. I personally think this is something you couldn’t get from anywhere else, because having that point of contact makes you feel like you are understood no matter what extent of hair loss you have.

Thankfully the hair loss was temporary, but if it was permanent I don’t think I would of felt any different, because having the solutions that Andrea can provide makes you feel as close to normality as possible. Thank you Andrea.

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