Testimonial 2

Ten months ago my thick head of hair began to shed much more than I’d ever experienced before.  I noticed the plug hole getting blocked, my brush was full of hair and the bedroom floor was always covered. At first I ignored it, then I tried to deny it, then I tried to hide the thinning to my scalp/crown area with coloured hair thickening sprays.  It got to the point where my every waking thought was consumed with worrying about my hair, my confidence plummeted and my social life suffered as I didn’t want to go out of the house.

I eventually confided my concerns to family and friends who tried to be supportive by reassuring me they couldn’t notice much difference and that it wouldn’t matter if my hair got worse as they wouldn’t think of me any differently.  Well it mattered a whole lot to me and I could definitely notice the difference.  Their reaction left me feeling like no one was taking me seriously or understood just how much it was upsetting me.  I consulted my GP who did all the usual bloods test which came back fine.  I had to insist on seeing a Dermatologist (I waited 4 months for an appointment) only to be told in a five minute consultation that he thought I could be suffering from Telegen Effluvium caused by stress  and that my hair might recover or it might not, then he discharged me. Well if I wasn’t stressed to start with I certainly was by this stage knowing that as far as the medical professionals were concerned they had done their investigations and I would just have to live with it. I felt so miserable, totally alone and despondent.  I also felt guilty at being so pre occupied with my hair thinning when so many people suffer serious and total hair loss through illness, treatments, medications etc.

It was probably at this point I realised that if I wanted a solution I would have to look for one myself outside the medical profession and so my search began. I spent every free minute for months trawling the internet for solutions. It was a nightmare searching because I just didn’t know what to believe or who I could trust. I came across The Hairoom (New Image) quite by accident on the internet and decided I had nothing to lose by emailing my enquiries.  I had made enquiries to other places but no one had responded. I had also visited a couple of hair loss/thinning solutions salons for advice but this had  added to my distress because they, like my GP,  the dermatologist and friends didn’t seem to think my hair thinning was bad enough to worry about. In the scheme of things my hair thinning is very slight but the affect it was having on my life was huge. No one seemed to understand that I wasn’t concerned with how they felt about my hair it was how I felt about it myself that was the issue.

Fortunately for me Andrea from The Hairoom responded to my enquiry and suggested a consultation.  Going to that first consultation with Andrea I was very nervous and to be honest I had prepared myself to be disappointed.  I couldn’t have been more wrong, Andrea was the first person I’d spoken to about my hair thinning who didn’t judge me or make assumptions about what level of hair thinning one should or shouldn’t put up with. That in itself was like a weight being lifted from my shoulders. The Hairoom is a very private place where Andrea listened, took on board my worries and then discussed solutions.  There was no pressure, just ideas, information and support. For the first time in a long time I went home feeling hopeful.  I had two further visits to see Andrea at The Hairoom and now have a custom made (by Andrea) top hairpiece which covers my thinner scalp area. The hairpiece is totally undetectable; even my family can’t tell it’s not my own hair.  I love it and can’t thank Andrea enough for her help.

Andrea’s understanding of the emotional effects experienced by people with hair loss/thinning together with her skill in creating a solution tailored to the individual has been instrumental in finding a solution that suits me. Her non judgemental attitude and support have been invaluable, I can’t praise her enough. I hope anyone reading this feels reassured they are in excellent hands.  I won’t hesitate to come back to Andrea when I need to.
From a very happy, grateful client.

Barbara (North Yorkshire)

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