Testimonial 1

As a five year old girl, I developed alopecia areata which developed into totalis and complete hair loss. The accessibility of wigs for children was appalling and I found myself in dark hairpiece shops with increasingly bewildered assistants who only stocked hairpieces for older women, men or theatrical style pieces. For two years I attended school wearing a very old fashioned style fibre wig which was not only uncomfortable and ill fitting, causing skin problems and sores, but it did not look in the slightest bit convincing and I found myself the victim of playground bullying and severely dented confidence at this critical age.

When Andrea Holden entered the trade, I instantly had someone who not only knew all about the industry, its suppliers and high quality products, but she also understood the issues I was facing, both in terms of the need for a more appropriate style for a child of my age, and the emotional approach that was needed to rebuild my confidence levels and help me to develop my own style and identity.

Andrea Holden has been sourcing, styling and advising me on wigs and hairpieces exclusively for the last 22 years. She has adapted her approach to deal with my changing needs, from my teenage years, through my wilder student days, where she cut and dyed hairpieces to my increasingly bizarre requests, and now into my married and professional life, and has excelled in producing exactly what I have requested of her and more at every stage of the way. She has consistently gone above and beyond what was required of her, even posting an individually cut wig to me when I needed a replacement whilst travelling on another continent!

She has an incredible ability to provide both what is fashionable and a more individual style and exudes warmth, enthusiasm and fun into all of her communications with her clients. What started off as a problem condition for me has developed into a great opportunity for me to have any look I wanted, and she is always researching new products, remembering my preferences exactly and contacting me when she thinks she might have found a good product for a ‘new look’.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Andrea Holden to anybody needing to access wigs and hairpieces. I am in no doubt of the overwhelming effect that Andrea has had on my development into a highly confident person and I know from meeting her other clients that she gives this uniquely high level of personal service and support to everyone she meets.

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