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Client Testimonial 1

As a five year old girl, I developed alopecia areata which developed into totalis and complete hair loss. The accessibility of wigs for children was appalling and I found myself in dark hairpiece shops with increasingly bewildered assistants who only stocked hairpieces for older women, men or theatrical style pieces. For two years I attended school wearing a very old fashioned style fibre wig which was not only uncomfortable and ill fitting, causing skin problems and sores, but it did not look in the slightest bit convincing and I found myself the victim of playground bullying and severely dented confidence at this critical age.    Read More…

Client Testimonial 2


Ten months ago my thick head of hair began to shed much more than I’d ever experienced before.  I noticed the plug hole getting blocked, my brush was full of hair and the bedroom floor was always covered. At first I ignored it, then I tried to deny it, then I tried to hide the thinning to my scalp/crown area with coloured hair thickening sprays.  It got to the point where my every waking thought was consumed with worrying about my hair, my confidence plummeted and my social life suffered as I didn’t want to go out of the house.     Read More…

Client Testimonial 3



Thank you so much for your time, patience and understanding last night. I took home a different mum, you have now given her the confidence to go out and live her life to her fullest. I cannot thank you enough for this. You obviously have such expertise in this field and I wish you all the luck in the world. You have not seen the last of us !!  thank you xxx

Client Testimonial 4

Thank you for making me feel feminine again. I love my new look. All the best. Adele x

Client Testimonial 5

I am 23 year old graduate that recovered from cancer, and as part of my treatment I suffered hair loss at the back of my head on just one side. If you can only imagine I was at a very low point in my life, having just recovered from cancer and then suffering from hair loss. At this point, I was unaware if this hair loss was permanent or temporary, however you can understand I feared for the worst.    Read More…

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“You have come highly recommended and I knew why immediately.”

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