ANDREA’S HAIROOM… identified the need

……..the need for people suffering hair loss to what ever extent and for what ever reason to have a safe and private environment offering caring professional advice and support.

So many people suffer in silence with hair that is thinning or rapidly falling out and getting patchy and there comes a point when the creative arts of camouflage and tins of hairspray are no longer successful. This is when the need for professional help is greatly needed. Please call me…….. Andrea Long with 30 years in the ‘Hair Replacement’ business. I offer ready made wigs, partial wigs and hairpieces along with a full custom made service. I am an approved agent for the NHS and CCG services, and have worked closely with GP’s and Dermatologists for many years.

There are so many companies out there preying and pressurising vulnerable people looking for answers to the hair loss they are suffering. There are so many sharks !!! Sadly, I feel that culture largely exists today…but it is one I have always benefited from. When people have become disillusioned and wrongly advised who then search around ………. many come to me from other Consultants, Hair Clinics, Hair Studios and Wig Shops… More importantly, those people stay with me.

ANDREA’S HAIROOM… provides professional hair loss support

Hair loss for some people is a short term experience but for many it lasts a lifetime, either way I can proudly say, 30 years I have been providing advice and support professionally and ethically. Again you may have experienced the “you get what you’re given” attitude, no interest, no concern no enthusiasm. Its often told to me that the choice of styles in Wigs is a case of picking and accepting the best from a bad bunch !!! this is so awful and should never happen. If I haven’t got what is suitable I will get it !!!!

Not many people become a ‘Master of their Trade’ but my time in the business and the experience and training I have ranked up I am claiming this crown!

To advise, supply and design quality, undetectable hair replacement it requires technical knowledge, technical skills, patience, and artistry but in order to achieve the right end result I also need your input, so I really do listen to your concerns and to what you want to achieve. It’s only then that I can advise and guide you on what can and can’t be realistically achieved and help you to formulate an affordable and practical plan of action to deal with your hair loss.

Clients, both  Women, Children and Men come to me from all cultural backgrounds and all walks of life, ordinary working people, the professionals, the rich, the famous but  the thing they all share in common is hair loss… it shows no gender or class boundaries and I can proudly boast a large number of people have been with me since day one…when I was a knowledge and experience thirsty teenager back in Blackpool

……………………………. testimony to how I will look after you.

From the beginning my aim was and still is, to put your needs first by supporting you (no matter how long it takes) Its often an embarrassing time trying to disguise your hair loss and I will help you back to a more confident you.


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