Cancer Wigs for Men

Patients facing Chemo/Radiotherapy or any other medication tend to want one simple thing, for life to remain as normal as possible and keep up appearances throughout their treatment.

Being prepared before you start losing hair can often be of huge comfort and is proven to be of therapeutic benefit*. Knowing you’re a step ahead, you can rest at ease and concentrate your efforts into getting better. We can even help in such a way that no one, not even your children or other close family members need ever see the effects these treatments have on your hair.

Hair loss is one of the most well known side effects of cancer treatment. Cancer drugs may cause mild thinning of your hair, partial hair loss or hair loss in patches, complete hair loss (Alopecia) and sometimes no hair loss at all. It’s for this reason that we advise you to attend a free, private consultation where we can assess the extent of your loss and discuss and agree the course of action that suits you best. If you wish we can duplicate your own hair in colour texture and style, then as you are about to commence your treatment or start to lose your hair …we can replace it … a seamless, undetectable transition! You may want a new look…we can even create that for you. We have advice, products and services specifically designed for the needs of Oncology patients and each month, people from all walks of life come to us looking for help and support.

HAIROOM offers professional hair loss support

Even if you’ve already started treatment we can still often help. It may be you’ve not tried hair replacement or not happy with what steps you’ve taken so far, by calling on our experience and expertise you’ll realise so much can be done to give you the security, confidence and peace of mind you need, just take a look at the genuine comments from people we’ve helped…then come and talk to us.

For many Cancer patients, their only option is to conceal the loss and this can often cause even more distress due to the associated stigma and ridicule of men’s hairpieces which has developed over many years, however you really shouldn’t worry, just as treatments are improving and developing, so too are the significant technological advances with wigs and hairpieces. We can help and guide you through a cherry picked selection from the world’s best manufacturers of ready made wigs and hairpieces, in both Synthetic & Human hair, including the latest heat resistant fibre which you can blow dry.

It may be you’re looking for a fully customised service in which case, take a look at the Hairoom Premier pages. No matter what you’re looking for our team will work with you to achieve a truely amazing level of comfort and natural appearance. Our aim is to restore your pride in your appearance, your confidence and your self esteem.

When your hair starts to grow back, again practical help support and advice is available…just come and talk to us.

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It may be you don’t lose your hair, if so, our promise to you is that any of our hair replacement products not used can be returned and we will refund in full.

“looking good, feeling good is an important factor for the recovery and mental therapy of oncology patients” – Prof. Dr. Carl Ueberla’s study ‘Hair replacement and quality of life of tumour patients’ University Hospital, Munich

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