Biological Human Hair Hairdressing Services Price List

At Andreas Hairoom we fully understand that for some ladies that are already attending a regular Hair Salon but are suffering from Hair Loss, the experience can be overwhelming and the feelings of being exposed become very distressing.

We offer a private 1 to 1 Hairdressing service with our Hairdresser Louise who has over 28 years Hairdressing and colouring experience and has been a part of Andreas Hairoom for almost 12 years.

Whether we have clients that are visiting us for their first consultation after finishing their Chemotherapy or a client that simply wants to have the privacy of a 1 to 1 Hairdressing appointment we have that safe, professional and private environment.

Louise will be able to advise you on a range of styles and colours, we can offer you advise on the care of your hair and scalp and our range of quality salon products are free from artificial colours, Mineral oil, silicones and have an allergen free fragrance due to being made with organic extracts and oils.


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